The afternoon I pretended I was a professional photographer

I was out and about on the town the other day. It was a beautiful afternoon – the sky was blue, the sun warm overhead, and the metaphorical birds sang. I was walking home from running errands around town and I swear I was seeing the world through happy goggles. Everything seemed stunning, breathtaking, profound even.

Armed with nothing but my Blackberry, I decided to make like a tourist and snap shots of the things that made me stop and stare for a while.

I think it’s an understatement when I say the pictures turned out horrible. However, you gotta love the internet and this fancy new word every one seems to be using – technology.  Two words my friend: photo editor!

I ended up spending the rest of my evening discovering the exciting world of online photo editing. Google hooked me up with this very-addictive-almost-drug-like thing called It was epic!

I shall let the pictures I took do all the talking from now on – all edited using the above mentioned website.


Bushy brilliance


The path on the way home. So much green 🙂

dont be afraid

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this tree. This quote popped in my head and right there in the middle of the street, I had an unbelievably profound moment.

There were lots more photos, all involving greenery, but I’d like not to completely expose my abysmal photography skills at the moment. The following are some great collages I had the pleasure of whiling away time at as well.



And my personal favourite :)

And my personal favourite 🙂

Till next time,



My top 10 most walkable songs

So unlike the other day, today is sunny, bright and generally, happy making. I like walking to places on such days: walking home from lectures; walking to a friend’s house; walking to do some shopping. I find that walking clears my head. It’s just me, my thoughts and of course, my music. I usually have my headphones in my ears, lost in my own musical world and before I know it, I am matching my footsteps to the beat of every song.

I thought I would share with you some my favourite songs to walk to:

  1. Karmin – Brokenhearted. This is my favourite song right now. It’s catchy, upbeat, has great vocals and is about a girl begging a guy not to break her heart (story of my life).
  2. Sara Bareilles – King of Anything. It’s a fun sassy song I discovered on a random YouTube video. It’s a girly song I should expect, mainly telling a guy to mind his own business and butt out. So enjoy girls ;D.
  3. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe. This track for me is the ultimate summer song! It took the music world by storm a while back and to me is still going strong. Another great fun sassy song.
  4. Jordin Sparks – One Step At A Time. I know, I know, it’s typical. BUT, you have no idea how fun it is to match up your footsteps to the the sound of the footsteps in the actual song. SO. MUCH. FUN. 😀
  5. Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat. Love him or hate him, he makes good music. Especially with his new album, Believe. I personally am a fan. Maybe you can be one too. Just try to look past the feminine appearance and really listen to the music. Really listen. It’s good.
  6. Glee – Walking On Sunshine/Halo. Sure the original is a classic. However, I love this mashup. Total feel good music. Nothing like repeatedly singing “I’m walking on sunshine, and don’t it feel good” to make you think its gonna be a good day.
  7. Beyoncé – Love On Top. My friend repeatedly refers to this song as the ultimate karaoke song. I can understand why. You can’t help sing along to this song whenever it’s on, whether you can sing like Beyoncé or not, which may sometimes lead to awkward moments.
  8. One Republic – Good Life. This tune is perfect when it’s the end of the day and nothing has gone right the entire day. You’re exhausted and beat and you’re thinking ‘Crap. I hate my life.’ It’s the perfect antidote.
  9. John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change. I absolutely love the drums on this. It also has a great message and an upbeat tempo. Plus, in my opinion, John Mayer is an absolute genius at what he does. Therefore, it’s a win win.
  10. Kenny Loggins – Footloose. This one is an oldie! 😀 For those who might not know it, think the 1984 movie with the same title. It’s a super fun song, that makes you just wanna tap your feet…and snap your fingers…and bob your head. Next thing you know, you’re dancing down the street.

Here’s a little video montage I decided to do along with this post. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this so it’s less than perfect but hopefully, it gets my point across.

Till next time,