How Are You…As A Person?

I just got asked that. By a friend. On WhatsApp. After the usual generic greetings that often elicit varying degrees of answers (from both parties), all bordering between half truths and lukewarm lies, he asked me this probing question. Too probing for his nature actually, which made me smile. The tables had turned and I was the unwilling participant behind the HD screen typing away vague statements and fake emoticons that do not truly mimic my true facial expression. I smiled when I realised that I had rubbed off on him – just a little. But, as they say, that’s a story for another day.

Upon reading that question, my mind descended down a rabbit hole, analysing, conjuring, dreaming.  How am I really…as a person? Well, I am tired. Tired of life, of friends that don’t add value; of family that remains broken; of trials that never cease. I am exhausted, of reminding myself that it’ll be all right; and that perseverance produces character; or that people don’t always mean to disappoint. I am tired of this world in general. But I am grateful.

Grateful for life, for breath. For food and shelter. That’s something that another friend reminded me via this very useful tool called WhatsApp. No matter what we’re going through, we should be grateful. “Imagine life on an empty stomach” he said. And I knew he was right. Because I have food, a home, and an education and so much more than so many in this world. And so, I am tired but grateful. It’s cliché I know but what can one do? After all, he asked and I answered.


You get the idea…

Till next time,



I Am Selfish And I Apologise

I have a confession to make
I hope it’s not more than you can take
Please forgive me if I sound rude,
If my demands strike you as crude.
I don’t want to offend you, entice or belittle you.
You see, I want it all.
Everything. All of it.

I want to steal a smile from you
And maybe even a laugh or two.
I want to stop you in your tracks
And demand that you hug me back.

I want to make you poor
By spending your time till I’m sure
That I made your day ignite
And your eyes sparkle with delight

I want to take your precious moments.
Capture them in my heart shaped pockets
And I’ll walk away with you none the wiser
That you made my day brighter

And years from now I want you to picture me
Then shake your head in quiet disbelief
Of the wild things we said and the stupid stuff we did
Of the joy we had and the laughter we shared.

Call me a thief or a tyrant
Even report me to your parents
If the crown fits I’ll wear it
And I swear I’ll take all the credit
For you see, I’m not one to speak lies because,
I’m selfish and I apologise.

The Hidden Message In The Chronicles Of Narnia

I’m sure you are aware of all the talk about hidden messages in movies and music usually to do with the Illuminati or something along those lines. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard of a differinent kind of message hidden in the popular children’s story, The Chronicles Of Narnia by C. S. Lewis.

Apparently, Lewis was a devoted Christian and therefore told the gospel through his writing. For example, the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ; this can be seen when the resident hero and magnificent lion of Narnia, Aslan decides to go to the evil queen and give up his life (in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). Later on, to the delight of many viewers, my self included, Aslan comes back to life! Another great example is in the sequel movie, Prince Caspian, when much to the chagrin of the others, Lucy kept insisting that she could see Aslan. When Aslan finally shows up, Lucy excitedly says “I knew I saw you Aslan!”. Aslan replies, “then why didn’t you come to me?” to which Lucy says, “because of the others”. Aslan then so wisely replies “and why should the others stop you from coming to me?”
Another instance is in one of the seven books that make up The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Magicians Nephew, which is about the creation of Narnia. In the book, Lewis writes about how Aslan sang Narnia into existence; in the Bible, it is written that God spoke the world into existence.
If you want to find out more about this issue, which I personally do, google it! 🙂

Where did I find all this out? On the 23 hour bus ride I’m currently on. (Yes, I said 23 hours). I’m the way home for christmas (after foolishly deciding to do summer term lol), and I met a friendly guy who shared this interesting story with me 🙂 Not only that, but I also met this great girl who gladly shared her biscuits and chatted away with me about hair, make up and music.

Its been approximately 12 hours since I started this journey and I’m tired and hungry. But, there’s two things I’ve learnt from this trip:

1. God can communicate with you anywhere and through anyone. (Like I feel like he is with me through my conversations and interactions with friendly guy :D)
2. There’s some really nice people in this world. Sometimes its easy to think that the world is a horrible place when innocent children are being killed and poverty and suffering is rampant. However, like I said, there still are some decent people left out there who will gladly show you some kindness 🙂

Till next time,