That smile that dances on your lips
Those hands that caress your hips
The joy that shines in your eyes
The warmth that encircles where you lie
That should have been mine

The plans you make to forever
The fingers that hold yours together
The memories you make each night
The words that make your heart take flight
Those should have been mine

The girl you become in his arms
The heart you hold in your palms
The time you spend in his embrace
The picture of you at his place
That should have been me


The tragedy of a lonely heart


I lie awake dissecting all the moments we had…over and over again with painstaking detail. And for a moment the pain goes and in its place, the love that I so foolishly thought we shared consumes me.

And then I remember. You love her. Not me. Even though I’ve been here from the start. I’ve always been here. Did you not see me standing here all this time?