Sigh, its been way too long!


Conquering 2013

Its been nine days into the new year and already it feels like 2012 is so far behind. In truth, it’s probably due to the fact that alot has happened in the past two weeks of my life. My family moved countries. Yes, countries!
The biggest thing about moving long distance is the packing. Everything had to be packed well. Breakables had to be wrapped and labelled, beds had top be dismantled, boxes had to be sealed and labelled; it’s a long process.
What I ended up realising was that I had sooooo much stuff! I’m an eternal optimist. If something breaks I keep it to fix or make something new out of it. If I really like something, I’ll keep it for the memories. I’m a horder. Dont get me wrong, I’m not surrounded by clutter, I just keep stuff neatly packed away until I come across it later on.

I had to learn to declutter my life. I had to let go of clothes I didn’t wear anymore or didn’t fit. I had to throw away the necklace beads and patches of clothes and old belts that I wanted to make something new out of. Lets face it, I’m no DIY expert 😀
Its something that when I reflect on, I can use daily.


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