I Am Content

My heart beats for you.
With every contraction of my heart muscle
Your name flows through my blood vessels
Cut me now and I bleed you

Etched on the deepest recesses of my mind,
Your name escapes my lips, subconsciously, I can’t help but let it slip
I meditate on your memory and flatter myself with potent vanity
That your smile was meant for me
I just may be going crazy but my memory is far from hazy.
The moments we shared together, so pure and simple, forever I shall remember.   

I am content.
That this is what was and will never be
Like a flash of lightning, we had a spark that flashed bright
But then it disappeared only to leave night
The hand that touched mine, platonic in intent,
Made my heart skip a beat and my breath rush in gasps through the vent of my lungs.
Yet it was not mine to hold
And you are not mine to love
I guess then, we were not meant to be


The Beauty of Redemption

Redemption. Defined as the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.

The world brims with agents of malpractice
Of pirates, plunderers and persistent wrongdoers.
There is no soul, no not one
To claim innocence for error all have done

Think of a toddler, wide eyed and pure
Radiant with youth, untainted and true.
Yet there comes a time the child will lie
The words of false from his mouth will fly
So easy it seems to come to this
The loss of truth, of joy and peace

Yes, all have sinned both great and small
None can stand free of brawl

But even in the dark corners of earth
There is light and hope of new birth
For in us we hold the power of pardon
To hold a brother in esteem once more
What a wondrous thing should man choose to live
Strolling down the path named ‘forgive’
Such bliss awaits for those who choose, to search foremost a state of truce
The patient embrace of the wise and loving
Whom comprehend the art of giving

For I have known that special touch
To be found free even when in guilt I plea
A mind bending witness of selfless act
My soul sings when I recall, the instance of love exact

Should we not all strive to be free,
Of the endless black we often see?
Together let’s aim for hearts of gold
That race to keep friends in a fiece hold


That smile that dances on your lips
Those hands that caress your hips
The joy that shines in your eyes
The warmth that encircles where you lie
That should have been mine

The plans you make to forever
The fingers that hold yours together
The memories you make each night
The words that make your heart take flight
Those should have been mine

The girl you become in his arms
The heart you hold in your palms
The time you spend in his embrace
The picture of you at his place
That should have been me


Firstly, I must apologize. It has been way too long since I have posted anything on my blog *hides face*. There is no excuse that I could possibly conjure that would make me not writing sooner okay, especially since I use writing as my release. Could that possibly explain the tough times I’ve been dealing with lately? I guess that’s a story for another day!

Moving right along, I recently came across an old journal/notebook. In it, I found some poems I wrote when I was 16 years old or so, hopelessly head-over-heels-in-crush with a guy friend of mine. It was an innocent teenage crush born out of pure adoration for him. However, when he found out my more-than-just-friends feelings for him, things headed down south. It was the first time I had my heart broken and I learnt the true meaning of: “I see your true colours shining through”. Needless to say, the crush fizzled out quickly afterwards.

I am no poet. I merely use words to communicate my thoughts and emotions…wait, that kind of makes me a pot after all right?Anyway, I digress. I wrote two poems, both with similar themes. They outline the journey my heart travelled during that time. Here they are.

The Path of Love…

A handshake, a smile, a laugh

A word, a whisper, a sigh

A hug, a touch, a caress

A stroke, A kiss, a taste

A day, a month, a year

A look, a word, A tear.


For a moment I remember…

I remember, I relive and re-enact

I remember the laughter, the joy, the feeling.

The glint in your eyes, the smile on your lips,

The warmth in your voice, the softness of your touch

For a moment I forget…

I forget, I evade, I ignore

I ignore the sadness, the pain, the heartbreak

The web of lies, the scars of hurt and the sting of betrayal,

The broken pieces, the bleeding wounds upon my heart.

I remember and forget, only and always, 

For a moment.

Till next time,


Little Bird Take Flight

This is a fun poem I wrote entitled Little Bird Take Flight…I was feeling a bit whimsical 🙂

You can interpret it any way you want; whether philosophical or direct, its up to you ❤

Little Bird Take Flight

Hello little bird, how are you today?

Is this it? Is today the day?

Today will you fly on your wings so high and free

Will you discover all that you can be

It will take some time, just you wait

Get ready, get set, hurry now don’t be late

I think he can do it 🙂 do you?

Hold on a bit, stop, look and listen

There might be something you’re missing

You have to be careful, no mistakes

Don’t dive head first into the lake

Nice and easy, one step at a time

You’ll discover it’s not that steep of a climb

And then you’ll get the hang of it

Pretty soon you’ll realize

It wasn’t as hard as it seemed

There’s more than meets the eye

So take a deep breath and take the plunge

All it takes is a little courage and a full stomach after lunch

So little bird spread your wings, it’s time for you to fly

Don’t worry I’ll be there to watch you pass me by

It’s time for you to take on the world

And see what you can be

It’s time for you to test yourself

It’s time for you to be free