Facing 2016 – 10 Reminders Collected from the Year Gone Past

This time, I want to look forward. No more looking back because that journey has been travelled already. I have been spent and the experiences have been had. Personally, I would like to focus on what comes next.
In order to do that, I have sat down and determined all the lessons learnt this past year that I’d like to take along with me into 2016. The rest shall fall away. After all, what is done is done right?

So here goes nothing….

1. Remember to recognise when you are being used.
This is an important one I believe. There’s nothing worse than caring too much while the other cares very little. It’s incredibly draining to be the one giving all the time. In the days to come, I hope to remember to stop being the one to sacrifice my happiness for others.

2. Don’t be scared to love (again).
People tend to dissapoint and that can diminish your faith in them a lot. Then with that lack of faith comes a lack of respect and love. When you have been hurt once, it’s so easy to put up barriers to protect yourself from further hurt and disappointment. I dare myself to be brave enough to walk without shields next year.

3. Fear will only hold you back from what could be.
So much second guessing and doubt caused me to not voice out my true feelings to someone this year. I then ended up having missed out an opportunity of exploring ‘what could have been’ – that recurring “what if” train of thought can be a difficult one to bear. Even so, I learnt from it. Fear of taking the plunge is not an option. For it is better to try and fail than to never try at all.

4. You are doing well – just keep going.
Achieving goals can be a messy business. That constant struggle to get to something that does not seem to draw nearer at any rate. I learnt this year that I have been working slowly but steadily. I got my driver’s license; I was able to pass all my academic work of the year fairly well; I saved up enough to finance a trip that I had been dreaming of for years; and most importantly, I gained even more independence and self reliance. Such achievements can sometimes seem small when compared to ‘the big dream’ but in reality, they are all stepping stones – indications that I am doing something right. In 2016, I hope to cut myself some slack once in a while.

5. Remember to show love to those around you.
I have seen beautiful results from those around me when I showed them just how much I loved them. Whether it was from  saying how much I loved and appreciated them or presenting them with a gift or token of appreciation. I mean, let’s face it – people like being told how much they’re are valued. So no more unvoiced songs of praise from me next year.

6. Hurt is temporary.
It’s like that saying ‘this too shall pass’. 2015 bore some of the most painful moments of my life and I would be a fool to soon forget them. However, I would be even more of a fool to remember the pain above the fact that it eventually went away. Heartbreak, loss, betrayal, disappointment…all of these are worthy contenders of monumental memories. But they are precisely that, memories. They passed and morphed into lessons for me to carry into 2016.

7. God is sovereign above all that you’re facing.
Sometimes, the biggest comfort I’ve had in all that I faced in 2015 is that God has a plan for me. That understanding that whatever it was I expected to happen but didn’t happen was my future plans crumbling to make way for His plans. He sees the bigger picture, not I. And that’s fine by me.

8. Family won’t always be there.
Like I said earlier, people disappoint – even people we call family. I’ll do well to remember this in 2016….and not hold those closest to me in too much contempt when it does happen (like I did this year).

9. Just let it go.
I really don’t need to explain this one now do I…

10. Friends will come and go.
Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we promise things what we are not able to keep. Like being friends forever. Life is uncertain and so are the future of most friendships. Even though I will be sure to make the effort to keep those I care about in my life close for another year, I won’t be surprised when come December 28th 2016, I have lost a few souls along the way.


Sounds a little like a motto to live by me thinks

Till next time,



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