Oven principles: how baking is like life

Okay. This post is inspired by the fact that I am currently baking a batch of (by the smell of things) very yummy cappuccino muffins. Yes people. Life’s good when there’s muffins involved. I’d post a picture later but I don’t have any icing sugar in the house and I can’t make them all pretty for the world to see. So, let’s just pretend the look like this…



So anyway. I am not kidding you but I had an absolutely profound moment while whipping up the said bunch of goodies. I don’t know about you but that’s either pretty epic or kinda weird. I promise you, I wasn’t high. I was standing there staring into the oven, and as I watched the little brown dollops of sugary sweetness rise, I thought of how a person can grow and mature from a little girl or boy with no direction or form, and transform into a well defined, scrumptious human being – just like that little muffin under my gaze.

You see, there’s the batter. Its comes with the usual – eggs, sugar, baking powder, flour, milk, chocolate chips etc. That folks, are the things that make up your life and majority of your childhood. There’s your education, which can be represented by the flour. It’s extensive and takes up pretty much the entire first quarter of your life so you know, the flour seemed to be the most approximate equivalent comparison.

Next, you get the sugar. The sugar can be the beautiful moments. The lovers, the friends, the highs and the slam dunks. Those are the moments that you look back upon in life and smile. That’s the sugar in your life.

Then there’s baking powder. It’s bitter to the taste and you don’t want too much of it in your batter (otherwise you get muffins that rise waay too much and you don’t want that). Baking powder can represent our mistakes in life. All the moments that made us cry – that left a bitter memory and maybe even a harsher consequence. But, when used in just the right amount, our mistakes can turn into learning lessons which make us grow and even rise to the occasion in any future challenges we may face.

And then – then we get the eggs. The eggs are our family. They hold everything together. Literally, eggs are used to ensure that the mixture combines well and holds. Kind of like the glue in our lives. You get a crappy glue, half the time you can get a crappy life. But, use fresh, great smelling eggs, and they are the key ingredients to a the perfect muffins. I know there’s people out there who got some rotten eggs dsyfuntional families in their mixture but still turned out alright. But, half the time, our families make or break us; most importantly, they hold us together when times get rough.

And finally, we get the milk. Milk, completes the batter and provides the solvent (for lack of a better word) that dissolves all these delicious goodies together. It can be seen as the extras in life. Those other experiences that occur and stay with you forever – whether it be a good Samaritan you met on the street, or that mural you saw on the chaotic graffiti filled walls down town and made you stop for a moment. Or, it’s the quiet moments. Those precious minutes that pass and in them you found reassurance, wisdom, laughter, wisdom, misery…anything.

All these things, when put together, make the creamy, rich batter that is our lives. They can come in different flavours, have different variations of ingredients. But at the end of the day, family, love, education, our mistakes and our experiences, shape us into the people that we are. They give us our flavour, our personality. They determine who we are and who we’ll become. How we’ll react to the external factors that life presents us.

And as we cook under that 220 degree heat that can sometimes be the trials we face, I hope and pray that you can remember the ingredients of the self and choose to rise to the occasion. Always.

Till next time,


PS. I know I forgot butter in the post but I honestly couldn’t come up with anything to compare butter to. Oops? Lol


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