Learning to Look for Happiness


I stumbled upon it. I was just browsing – reading through online magazines, twitter stalking friends, and recklessly pinning stunning photos on Pinterest. I read this article by good friend, wine and food lover, breathless writer, inspiring fashionista and all-round-amazing-person, Tshepang Molisana [@TshepiMolisana]. In it, she speaks of her own journey through the #100happydays challenge. I decided to try it out.

I am a person who sees the little things. I treasure the smile of a friend, the laughter of a child; I love the feel of an autumn breeze softly blowing through copper coloured leaves. So I thought, 100 happy days? No problem!

My 100 days began on the 14th of May. I woke up on the right side of bed to a hearty breakfast and beautiful blue sky. It was a sign.

Day 2

Thursday night, I was at our youth Pastor’s house for our weekly Bible study group meeting. A couple of girls from Germany who came over to South Africa 9 months ago as part of a mission trip, were sharing the moments of their last week with us. There was pasta. And cake. There were hellos and there were goodbyes. We laughed, we joked, we hugged – we were happy.

Day 3

My brother made me laugh. Again.

Day 4


Now I know you may be thinking, “It’s been 4 days, lets see you last 3 weeks”. I’ve thought the same thing too. But I know I can do this. I love a challenge – especially one designed to make me happy.

I think the beauty in this whole thing lies, not only in the notion of opening your eyes to look for something that warms the cockles of your heart, but in documenting these things as well. It’s like leaving a trail of bread crumbs that you can trust to lead you down a path of beauty. One that you’ve travelled before and know will make you sing inside.

I look forward to capturing these moments. To committing them not only to memory but to (permanent) internet history so that I can relive them again and again and again.

Till next time,


Now INo


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