Why we should learn a thing or two from kids

Some great tips from a 5 year old.

Some great tips from a 5 year old.

I love babies. They are so cute and cuddly. And they smell great – clean and milky with a hint of flowery thrown in…No? Is it just me?

Anyway, so once they pass the phase of of spewing gunk at both ends and have enough self control to be able to go the big-peoples-bathroom by themselves, they turn into the bouncy, giggly and downright adorable little monsters that we so affectionately refer to as baby goats kids.

And with that transformation they become the most honest, trustworthy, and down right warm-fuzzy-feeling inducing human beings on the planet.

I have always admired the unfiltered honesty that kids posses. Its one of the reasons why I love working with them so much – and it makes for some interesting conversations. I have been an on and off Sunday School teacher at my local church for a good 7 years now and some of my best memories include mornings when I excitedly asked my children whether they were ready for their lesson only to be met with a resounding “Nooooo!!!”

The other thing that I love in kids is their ability to love so unconditionally.  I mean, kids love their parents so deeply and earnestly – they adore their mommies and daddies so much and are never afraid to run squealing and shrieking in their direction, straight into their arms. Their faces light up when they even catch a glimpse of their parents. And who can forget the way they believe their parents can do absolutely anything?

It’s so beautiful to see these things. To witness the display of complete abandon of a kid running around in the mud. The laughter of a little girl fly through the air on a swing, her hair flowing behind her. Or the way a little boy clings to his mother when he’s hurt and the only thing that can comfort him are the sweet words of love whispered in his ear.

It is these things that remind me of how to live life. To let go a little – not to worry too much. To love deeply and whole heartedly – because time with those we love is short. To trust wholly – because not every one will hurt us. To be brave – so what if someone disapproves?

Even Jesus Christ told us to be of child like nature:

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

So, whether you can’t wait to have your own mini-you(s) or you find your face arranging itself into a look of total horror/disgust/apprehension when faced with the little people, just try to look at them differently from now on. Try and see the things that kids do right. Then pretty soon, you’ll (hopefully) end up feeling all warm fuzzy inside for no apparent reason.

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PS. For a couple of great laughs and even more “Awww” moments, check out this website of some cute/hilarious kids notes that will have you wishing you had a fraction of a kids imagination.


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