Firstly, I must apologize. It has been way too long since I have posted anything on my blog *hides face*. There is no excuse that I could possibly conjure that would make me not writing sooner okay, especially since I use writing as my release. Could that possibly explain the tough times I’ve been dealing with lately? I guess that’s a story for another day!

Moving right along, I recently came across an old journal/notebook. In it, I found some poems I wrote when I was 16 years old or so, hopelessly head-over-heels-in-crush with a guy friend of mine. It was an innocent teenage crush born out of pure adoration for him. However, when he found out my more-than-just-friends feelings for him, things headed down south. It was the first time I had my heart broken and I learnt the true meaning of: “I see your true colours shining through”. Needless to say, the crush fizzled out quickly afterwards.

I am no poet. I merely use words to communicate my thoughts and emotions…wait, that kind of makes me a pot after all right?Anyway, I digress. I wrote two poems, both with similar themes. They outline the journey my heart travelled during that time. Here they are.

The Path of Love…

A handshake, a smile, a laugh

A word, a whisper, a sigh

A hug, a touch, a caress

A stroke, A kiss, a taste

A day, a month, a year

A look, a word, A tear.


For a moment I remember…

I remember, I relive and re-enact

I remember the laughter, the joy, the feeling.

The glint in your eyes, the smile on your lips,

The warmth in your voice, the softness of your touch

For a moment I forget…

I forget, I evade, I ignore

I ignore the sadness, the pain, the heartbreak

The web of lies, the scars of hurt and the sting of betrayal,

The broken pieces, the bleeding wounds upon my heart.

I remember and forget, only and always, 

For a moment.

Till next time,



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