Remember the time when…

Remember the time when...

Its funny how endless a day can seem when it starts – there’s so much time, so many possibilities. You wake up early with every intention of maximising those 24 hours. Sometimes, you even make a list and mentally plan the day ahead. It’s breakfast time and you sit at the kitchen table longer that you usually would, after all, you did wake up earlier than you usually would too. At 10 o’clock, you’re still going strong – there’s a lot to do and you get right to it. Then it’s almost lunch time. Your stomach grumbles and you start thinking of what’s still edible in your fridge. You only got halfway through the first task on your list. But hey, there’s still the rest of the afternoon to finish everything off.

At 2 o’clock, you’re pleasantly satisfied and slightly drowsy from the surprisingly delicious meal you we’re able to conjure for yourself. It’s been such a good day hasn’t it? At 3 o’clock, it still is. At 4 o’clock, you start getting worried. At 5 o’clock, time seems to fly by – you still have so much to do. Then you find yourself scrambling to make use of what’s left of the day. It’s a maddening rush and you don’t know why. Where did the day go? What’s the time now? 7 o’clock? Already?
Time is precious – it’s in fact irreplaceable. Once it’s gone gone, you can never get it back, that’s why it’s called the past. This picture reminded me of that. That time is my best asset.
I’m challenged by it and I want to use my time more wisely from now on; Live every moment, cherish every second. After all, who knows what tomorrow brings, so why not make the best of today.

Till next time,



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