Loquacious Living – What it means

If you’ve been here a couple of times, you’d have noticed the change in appearance of my blog. I was having a slow day so I decided to do another makeover. Hopefully I don’t get the urge to change it again anytime soon. I changed my blog name from ‘Design and Conquer’ to ‘Loquacious Living’ (it has quite a nice ring to it don’t you think?).

The idea struck me when I was shamelessly stalking friends of my friends on facebook (don’t judge me, you do it too). I came across a particular person that struck me as incredibly, for lack of a better word, loquacious. His profile was interesting and filled with quirky quotes he came up with himself. Most of his statuses were funny and his photos were all outrageous – they made me want to be in them. Even though I’d never met him, I could almost imagine what kind of person he is and I was pretty sure we could become fast friends. Instantly I thought ‘that’s a great way to live life’; to fully express yourself and your personality. Then, I had an Aha! moment and I was like: ‘Loquacious Living’, that’s it!
I kid – I didn’t scream out in jubilation. Although, a slow smile did creep over my face πŸ˜€

According to vocabulary.com “A loquacious person talks a lot, often about stuff that only they think is interesting. You can also call them chatty or gabby, but either way, they’re loquacious.” That to me sounds a bit negative. What’s wrong with talking about stuff only I think is interesting? That way, I’m fully invested in the conversation. It’s a win win situation πŸ˜€
Another definition I prefer – 1.Β talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous [Dictionary.com].

I like the “talk…freely” part πŸ™‚ It’s something I try to do in my life – express my opinions, be honest and be true to myself in general. It makes for better friendships and relationships. People can get to know the true you and if they like you then great, and if not, oh well *shrugs*. I also feel like life would be miserable if you had to pretend to be something you’re not. Why put yourself through something like that?

Therefore, from now I have a great new mantra to bring up in random conversations with strangers :D. ‘Loquacious Living’ – the art of living life by talking freely. Sounds like a twitter-worthy-trend even if I do say so myself. But remember, you heard it here first! πŸ™‚

Till next time!


The new logo :)

The new logo πŸ™‚


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