10 reasons why I love being single

I know this is the kind of thing people say girls do to convince themselves that their life is great without having a boyfriend. For me its  actually true. I love being single not only because I recently grew more in my faith as a Christian and began to look differently at dating, but because I’m at a crucial point in my life. I’m building my future and growing into the woman I will possibly be for the rest of my life. Therefore, I can experience this growth and really focus on it as a person.Besides, if Taylor Swift can throw a single girls party on Valentine’s day, I can at least blog about it. Here’s why life is so good right now;

  1. I have more time to myself. Being in a relationship takes time. Since I barely have time to myself owing to my academic alter ego, if the little free time I have had to be divided between two people, I think I would go crazy.
  2. I have more money. A lot of people think a girl doesn’t have to spend that much while in a relationship because the guy usually pays for everything. It depends on the kind of girl you are. If you are the kind of girl who likes putting in her half of the paycheck, then good on you. If you prefer a gentleman, you still have to put in that extra effort on ‘maintenance’. I personally like spending a little extra money to buy that new dress or get my hair done, especially when I’m in a relationship.  You have to look good for your man right? If you’re the kind of girl that still makes him pay for that then no judgement but he sounds more like a pimp than your boyfriend.
  3. No comprise. I once was in a relationship where the guy watched nothing but Horror and Thriller movies. I hate horrors and thrillers therefore movie night for me always sucked. I always had to compromise on what I wanted to watch and he always had to look for the less scarier movie. Now, I can have a romantic-comedy-watching-marathon without anybody raising an eyebrow at me.
  4. I spend less time dressing in the morning. I hate leaving the house looking anything less than presentable. I have my rough days yes, but I usually dress the way I feel; confident and happy. I dress for myself now without worrying about how I’ll look if I bump into ‘the significant other’. Maybe its just me but its still something less for me to think about.
  5. I’m more focused. All I have to think about right now is me, myself and I. I can really focus on myself, my health, my relationships with other people and most importantly, my relationship with God. I also can organise my life the way I want it to be without having to factor in someone else. It may sound selfish but it’s awesome.
  6. I can get more hours of sleep. No more late night conversations = more hours of sleep. Simple as that. Now, for all you  people picturing different wild situations, late night conversations is not what you think: its a South African thing. Rates after midnight are ridiculously cheap. As a student, who cares about sleep when you can save money.
  7. I can eat whatever I want. Everybody knows that there’s a list of things you cannot eat while on a date, two of those foods being spaghetti and spare ribs. As for me, I can order anything I want on the menu without worrying about who’s watching.
  8. I give great advice. They say love is blind and I think its true. Personally, I feel like I give great relationship advice when single. Kind of awkward right? I assume that when single, you’re not blinded by the situation of being all ‘lovey dovey’ and constantly getting butterflies in your stomach when you think of your significant other.
  9. I have great taste in music. I tend to listen to a lot of Frank Sinatra and the like when I have a crush. Not that I’ve got anything against him, he’s one of most romantic singers of all time and that’s the problem. Musical range is something I pride myself; I listen to everything from Rock to Country. I’m glad that’s how things are again.
  10. I can blog more often! Its the time issue again. You have no idea how much little time I have to myself. Its amazing I have any kind of sanity…or a blog. If I wasn’t single, I would never been able to post this blog now would I? 😀

So to all the single ladies out there *Que Beyoncé song playing in your head*, enjoy life and if you catch yourself releasing a long sigh the next time you see a couple walking down the street hand in hand, stop yourself. Life’s great when your single.

Till next time,



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