The Makeover

Its Makeover madness! … hmmm, too cheesy?

Its 12:20 AM and I have a quiz and a test tommorrow today that I’m not prepared for. I have sat here looking through pages of worksheets and stared at my laptop screen scrolling through lecture notes until I decided to take a break. What better way, I thought, to while away the hours than start a blog! But, starting a new blog takes quite some time so instead, I decided to reinvent my old blog! Well, what is meekly attempting to be a blog. I have had 12 posts in about a year (that’s about a post a month) and its frankly dismal.

I had a vision. I wanted a forum to voice my opinions, share the interesting things I observed throughout my day, vent about all the work I had to do, which I am sure is mostly what I do anyway, and basically have a voice in this huge cyber universe. Its disappointing that I never kept up what I started. I’m mainly disappointed in myself but I hope I did disappoint my readers out there *crickets*….oh well, it was worth a shot. Anyway, moving right along, let me tell you about what my tired mind came up with this early Wednesday morning; A Blog Makeover!

That’s right! I’m talking a new look, a new feel, a new life 😀 It’s all about University life people, especially, UCT (University of Cape Town) life. The do’s and dont’s, the ups and downs, and the run around on campus. So, starting today, I shall (try to) make a dot on the big map that is the internet. Fingers crossed! 🙂

Now let me bid thee farewell. It is after all waaay past my bed time.

Till next time,



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