Flying through the clouds

(Before you read this i’d like to mention that I actually wrote this in June 2011 but never published it. I recently came across it and thought, “why not?”. Therefore, references to short vac and mid semester breaks are inaccurate because I’m actually done with my first year now; how time flies! Anyway, enjoy :D)

Looks like white cotton candy!

Recently, the University of Cape Town has its mid semester break also known as short vac among us students. This meant that first years alike would pack up and trapeze out of their respective residences to go see the family they missed so much even though they couldn’t admit it. I was one of them.

I flew from Cape Town to my home town Gaborone, Botswana (courtesy of  South African Airlines at a migraine inducing price) :(. I guess I should be thankful I got a window seat seeing as I booked pretty late, which relates to the migraine. Anyway, so I’m sitting in the plane, on the way from Joburg to Gaborone when the pilot announces over the intercom that we were flying through clouds. I looked out with mild interest. I mean, its nothing I haven’t seen before right? Wrong.

Firstly, I should book window seats more often. Secondly, we live in a beautiful world. When I looked out that window, I was struck at how surreal it looked. As I hastily took out my phone to take a picture, I remember thinking  ‘is this how it feels like to be an angel?’ All I could see was a stretch of white fluffy clouds, forming all kinds of shapes. There’s something about seeing all that white. It seems so pure and untouched. I wished I could reach out and touch them.

It reminded me that there are things in life that are beautiful and should be appreciated. God has created a magnificent world for us to live in and we should sometimes stop, marvel and appreciate the wonder of his work. When you think about it, the beauty around you is an expression of his love for YOU. He created that just for you to see and smile. You’re able to experience something that beautiful through His Power and Majesty. Isn’t it wonderful to know that God looks out for us like this?

So, in closing, I’d just like to say, stop and smell the roses because there are a whole lot of roses around even if it doesn’t seem like it. Even the simplest thing can make you smile; whether it be a beautiful picture or a lone flower planted in the ground. Just lose yourself in the beauty because right there thousands of feet in the air, I experienced something special just because I took the time to look at it.

Till next time,

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