Little Bird Take Flight

This is a fun poem I wrote entitled Little Bird Take Flight…I was feeling a bit whimsical 🙂

You can interpret it any way you want; whether philosophical or direct, its up to you ❤

Little Bird Take Flight

Hello little bird, how are you today?

Is this it? Is today the day?

Today will you fly on your wings so high and free

Will you discover all that you can be

It will take some time, just you wait

Get ready, get set, hurry now don’t be late

I think he can do it 🙂 do you?

Hold on a bit, stop, look and listen

There might be something you’re missing

You have to be careful, no mistakes

Don’t dive head first into the lake

Nice and easy, one step at a time

You’ll discover it’s not that steep of a climb

And then you’ll get the hang of it

Pretty soon you’ll realize

It wasn’t as hard as it seemed

There’s more than meets the eye

So take a deep breath and take the plunge

All it takes is a little courage and a full stomach after lunch

So little bird spread your wings, it’s time for you to fly

Don’t worry I’ll be there to watch you pass me by

It’s time for you to take on the world

And see what you can be

It’s time for you to test yourself

It’s time for you to be free


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