Mash anyone?

A while back I discovered an ingenious video made by a certain Dj Earworm (no, its not a typing error, that is his name). I gladly overlooked the poor name choice as his video was absolutely amazing. He had done what he liked to call a Mashup – I swear he’s English, who says Mashup anymore? – of a bunch of pop songs (and their videos) and made a video of his own with these different songs. The video consisted of different lines from these songs put together to create an entirely new AND ORIGINAL video. Like I said, genius!

Not only does he manage to pull it off, but it actually makes sense and to top it all off, its brilliant! So, after I watched this epic video, I decided I wanted more. And guess what, I found out that he does this ‘mashup’ every year. Yep. At the end of each year, Dj Earworm takes the years Top 25 Billboard 100 hits and uses them cook up yet another plate of steaming hot mash (see what I did there 😀 ).

So, you may now be thinking: what’s the point? so a guy with a worm in his ear makes a video, big whoop! But here’s some food for thought (pun intended :D), should it really be that easy to bring together a bunch of presumably totally different songs that are the top 25 songs of the year and put them together?

Maybe, I gotta give Dj guy with ear problems, some credit. He must have talent to do what he does and do it well. On the other hand, should these songs really be that easy to combine? From where I stand – or sit – it seems to me that the music we listen to nowadays is basically the same concept coming out of a different end of the machine that is the music industry. These are supposed to the Top 25 songs of the year. Apparently we, the public, absolutely loved the songs. Yet, here they are merged into one. Here’s my theory: We hear song number one, we all know it’s a great song, so every pop start-with-a-recording-mic starts running in the same direction in a shameless fashion –  because they want one just like it.

For example, lets look at the sudden flood of  ‘boy is having a nice time dancing in a club with a sexy lady’ songs. Que reel of songs: Flo-Rida ft David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me; Usher ft Pitbull – DJ Got Us Falling In Love; Taio Cruz – Dynamite, just to mention a few. They’re all copying off themselves. What happened to variety? To the self-proclaimed originality that artists liked to wear proudly on their collars? It seems to me that what everyone says is true: its all about the money. The public wants A, we’ll give them A squared multiplied by ten. Its really unfortunate.

I guess I’m taking this too far aren’t I? How did I start off with Dj needs a new name to regurgitated pop culture? I don’t know. Anyway, I’m done ranting now. Lets wait and see whether this is just a passing phase. All I know is, as long as we keep buying the music, they keep churning out the ‘hits’. And DJ Earworm keeps producing more plates of potatoes with increasing ease.

Here are the videos, they are really good for a bunch of  ‘milking hit number one’ songs…

And my personal favourite…can anyone (who knows me well, or has read my past posts) guess why? 😉

PS. Check out his YouTube channel:

Till next time,

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