it’s spring! well, it is here…

The malberry tree in my backyard. See, I told you its spring here...

So over here, as in Africa, its spring! I love spring, its my favourite time of the year. I just love the blooming flowers and the last of the red-brown leaves falling away to give way to the fresh bright green ones. I can’t help but smile every time I go out.

Spring,  I’ve decided, is a very uplifting time of year. Recently, I have had some rough days. But, it has been so rewarding to look out the window and see little bright flower buds spring out and fresh green leaves sway in the wind.  It made me think: ‘there’s hope’. Spring in a way, is very symbolic to me. It shows me that after the bitter cold and troubles, the troubles shall fall away to reveal the warm sunshine and lovely smelling flowers 😀

So, as spring comes around, lets embrace it. Lets take in the surroundings and really thank God for the beauty he created. We live in a beautiful world even though it doesn’t seem that way at times. You just gotta stop and smell the roses.

Till next time,

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