Welcome to the adult world…

On August the 14th, I celebrated my 18th birthday. In the past, I had numerous plans on how to usher in my coming of age/passage into the adult world. It had involved music, lots and people and food (and I think there was a chocolate fountain somewhere in there too).

But, on Sunday the 8th of August, things changed. That is the day my mother have four convulsions, three of which I witnessed. Admittedly, it was the scrariest day of my life. Sitting there hoping to God that she would be okay seemed like the most I could do while doctors worked over her limp, unconscious and drugged body. It’s a horrible feeling not knowing what is happening or what to do; just standing there helplessly.

So, when my birthday came around precisely six days later, I was just glad to be able to spend time with her. I hadn’t made any plans before the 8th. Maybe God was preparing me for what I was really mean’t to do on my birthday: spend time with my mother. And that’s exactly what I did.

I woke up that morning to my family and a BIG breakfast. It wasn’t much but it was exactly what I wanted. Just being with her and the rest of my family and thanking God that we could have more days with her was an amazing feeling. There was no music, people, or food but it was the best birthday ever.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the adult world…

    • Definitely, you learn alot about yourself in those few moments. I may not remember what I’ve learnt at that moment all the time but when you need that encouragement and motivation, its always there to push you. 🙂

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