Goodbye 2010, hello 2014

The logo is entitled 'Inspiration'

A while ago, I was shown the official 2014 FIFA World Cup  logo. My first thought was; Already? wow, that was fast! Afterwards, I proceeded to criticize the logo stating that it was ‘too simple’ and that ‘those hands look like trees’ (look at them, don’t they look like trees?) . Anyway, as I think back to that moment right now and carefully look at the logo with an open mind, I realise that it’s quite fine. Actually, I like that it is in the shape of the world cup 🙂

Why was I being so judgemental? I guess I’m still hanging on to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. You see I’m African and I’m extremely proud that South Africa managed to organise a great world cup without any (major) incidents. Admit it, the world cup was pretty good wasn’t it? That’s if you actually watched the world cup…So now it’s over and it’s just part of our memories. When I think about all the hype and the preparations before it started, it’s kind of sad to think its all gone. 

I think that specific moment was my ‘it’s time to let go’ moment. You know that feeling you get when a while after you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you reach a point when it finally hits you that its over…yeah, that’s the one. I never realised I was holding on to the 2010 world cup. It hit me right there and then. So reluctantly, I let go and said goodbye like a kid on the first day of school.

Of course its gonna hold a special place in my heart (and hopefully everyone else’s hearts, or at least minds) because it was the first event of its magnitude to be held in Africa, but now I have realised, we have to look forward to the future; its Brazil’s time to shine.

Till next time…

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