BieberFever…what are the causes?

I have been itching to write about Justin Bieber’s fame and my personal view on it, so I finally picked up my pink pen and did! If you’re reading this and you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about (which is highly unlikely) then how about I update you…(where have you been living). Justin Bieber is a 16-year-old singer. He’s signed to Island Records and has released two albums so far. He is identified by his characteristic hair style, his sneakers and hoodies and the hordes of screaming teenage girls that seem to materialise wherever he is. He started out on YouTube and is now recognised as one of the biggest stars on the planet. This phenomenon is most commonly known as Bieber Fever.

Personally, I think he’s talented. I’m 17 and I’m a fan.  Yes, I’m a fan (don’t judge me). What can I say, He IS talented. If you don’t beliebe believe me, check out his YouTube channel kidrauhl. The videos were shot prior to his fame where he sings a bunch of songs done by other artists. He’s good. Now haters keep saying that once his voice breaks, he won’t be able to sing anymore, I beg to differ…


I believe his fame is all thanks to some very clever managing by Scooter Braun. Of course it helps that he’s terribly good-looking, has an amazing voice and has got lots of confidence and charm. Still, Scooter found Justin on YouTube and instead of signing him immediately and going the usual route of trying to market him by giving him lots of publicity, he posted a bunch of videos of Justin on YouTube! Maybe he just didn’t have enough money, we’ll never know, but by doing this, he let the public see more and more of Justin. He let us ‘discover’ him and built Justin a fan base before Justin ever saw the inside of a recording studio. Millions of YouTube hits later, Justin gets signed and drops a single. He’s already got a fan base and that’s half of the work done, now all he has to do is get more fans. Justin is smart in doing this; he makes sure he keeps his older fans updated and informed and gets out there and works his magic. The screaming girls line up instantly.

Now that Justin is well established in his fame, he’s regularly on Facebook and twitter. He’s constantly in touch with his fans, telling them what he’s up to, talking to them and following back. That’s the trick! He makes them…us…feel like we make a contribution to his life. Like we do matter and we play a part in his success. Justin has realised that without the fans, he wouldn’t be where he is, so he’s making sure we are ‘involved’ and makes sure he writes about how thankful he is. It may all be an act, but so far its working.

It may also be the fact that he keeps saying that he’d date a fan. All those crazy fans think they’ve actually got a chance (I’m not dumb enough to think so). So they buy the tickets and the meet and greets so that maybe just maybe…They also buy his album 10 – 20 times on iTunes and tweet about it, trying to get Justin to notice and when they do actually get to see him live, spend half of their time bawling their eyes out! Now, of course there are some sane fans out there but there seems to be an increasing number of death threats sent to whatever girl is seen with Justin. Its crazy! Why? Because Justin is out there talking to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I think its great that he talks to us beliebers and is so involved but I see it for what it is; a way to get and keep fans. He’s gotta do it if he wants to sell albums and make some money. I’ve got nothing against it;  I guess I shouldn’t be bothered and I’m not bothered, but someone tell that to those girls the next time they trample a 10-year-old trying to get to Justin…

TIll next time,

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